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Sunday, December 16, 2018
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HiFi Speaker Design is pleased to promote 4 of our favorite dealers:

Nearly all of the Crossover parts for my new Open Baffle Project are purchased at Speaker & Co. A lot of DIY kits, Speakers, Accessoires, Components and more are available in the Webshop

Especially the advice and boundless knowledge of Loudspeakers makes this shop so special!

ELTIM audio BV is Europe's main supplier of original MOREL drive units.
They hold most (worldwide the most actually) models in stock for quick delivery.
To support DIY market they also develop and supply DIY kits based on Morel units only.

Madisound Speaker Components has been providing design assistance and selling loudspeakers & other speaker parts to audio enthusiasts, manufacturers & autosound installers since the 1970's.

Automatic Electric Europe

AE-Europe is specialised in Power-, Input- and Output Transformers and Chokes, but selling also: Tubes, Resistors, Capacitors, Siver Cable, PTFE tube, Cable-sleeving and much more...
They all deliver high quality parts for acceptable prices.


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