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 Absorbers & Diffusers

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Helmholtz Resonator Helmholtz Panel Resonator Panel Resonator Slat Resonator Placing Traps & Links
QRD (Size) QRD (Frequency)
Skyline Diffusor (Low & High Frequency) Skyline Diffusor (Colum Width & Low Frequency) Skyline Diffusor (Colum Width & max. Colum Length)

There are two commonly used traps, both of which are easy to build. They are the panel Resonator and the Helmholtz resonator. However, to be successful you first have to know precisely where your problem frequencies are and then you have to build these traps accurately to ensure that they work at the right frequency.
Both types of Resonator take up a large area, but have the advantage of being only a few cm deep. Even so, you must bear in mind that these are tuned traps and so are normally used to reduce specific resonances. They are not suitable for use as broad-band Resonators, with the exception of a panel trap constructed with a highly damped, limp membrane.


Please keep in mind that I am not an expert or an authority on acoustics, and the information presented here is just my opinion. I do however have many years of practical experience and my opinion is based on that. Please take this information for what it's worth and hopefully you will find it useful.