Calculate the First Floor Reflection

Early reflection points or first reflections are terms to describe direct sound which arrives at the listener’s ears before the rest of the reflected sound does.

Sound reflects not just off the walls to the left and right, but off the floor, the ceiling and everything in-between.

Direct sound combines with reflected sound which causes interference at the listening position – also known as comb filtering.
The result is the listener not being able to accurately hear what’s coming out of the speakers.

Naturally, the character of those first reflections has a huge influence on your total sound.

Floor Reflection Calculator

Driver distance from floor (h1) : cm
Ear height (h2) : cm
Ear distance to driver (d) : cm
Speed Of Sound  :  m/s ( default is 343.2 m/s )
Distance 1st Floor Reflection =  cm
First Floor Reflection arrives after =  ms
1st Floor Refection [subtractive] =  Hz @ 180 degrees  ( Dip )
1st Floor Refection [additive] =  Hz @ 360 degrees  ( Peak )

Calculate the First Sidewall Reflection and Panel Placement

Calculate Your Panel Absorber


By reading this article you should get a good understanding of how important reflections are to what we hear and how to use ETC's to
analyze the reflections in your room.

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