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   What is the maximum Sound Pressure Level?

The values are valid for an optimally tuned bass, that can handle the power.

Calculating the maximum Sound Pressure Level based on the excursion of the bass driver.
Driver diameter : [cm]   [in]
Amount of drivers: []
Max. linear excursion in +/- : [mm]
Frequency : [Hz]

Effective piston area : cm2 in2
Max. Sound Pressure Level [closed cabinet] : dB (1m)
Max. Sound Pressure Level [reflex cabinet] : dB (1m)

Speaker Sensitivity: dB SPL (1 W/ 1 m)
Amplifier Power: Watts
Distance: feet      meters
No. of Speakers: 2 for stereo, more for multi-channel
Speaker Placement : Corner (within 18 to 24 inches)
  Wall (within 24 to 48 inches)
  Do not consider placement

Gain from amplifier [dB]
Loss due to dispersion [dB] (distance)
Gain from sonic reinforcement [dB] (multi speakers)
Gain from placement [dB] (reinforcement reflections)
SPL at listening postion [dB]