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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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  Calculate Serial Network from Impedance Curve

The calculation of serial-networks succeed very easy if the impedancecurve of the loudspeaker or driver is measured.

  • fs
  •    = driver or loudspeaker resonant frequency [ Hz]
  • R
  •    = target resistant (normaly the Re value of the driver [ ohms ]
  • Zmax
  •    = Impedance maximum [ ohms ]
  • Zf1/2
  •    = calculated average from Zmax and R [ ohms ]
  • f1, f2
  •    = frequency with the impedance of Zf1/2 [ Hz ]
  • Q
  •    = Quality of then impedance peak at fs

    All yellow field are required!
    fs =  Hz
    R (target) =  ohms
    Zmax =  ohms
    Zf1/2  ohms
    Enter f1 frequency below fs at calculated impedance
    f1 =  ohms  at   Hz
    Enter f2 frequency above fs at calculated impedance
    f2 =  ohms  at   Hz
    Calculated fs of f1 and f2 =  Hz
    Q of Resonance peak =

    Calculate values
    R  ohms
    L  mH
    C  uF