This set-up provides the highest precision and a flat frequency response according to W.J.J. Hoge

Input Thiele/Small Parameters

A dimension ratio of 1 : 1.618 : 0.618 provides cancellation of resonating frequencies inside the enclosure, this dimension ratio is used to calculate the cabinet dimensions.

If only Qms and Qes are known, press "Calculate Qts>" button to calculate Qts

  • Qms and Qes are optional
  • Diameter, fs, Qts and Vas must be entered
Dia :    cm Diameter across the speaker cone including half of the cone-suspension
fs :    Hz Resonant frequency of the driver
Qms :   Q mechanical - needed to calculate Qts
Qes :   Q electrical - needed to calculate Qts
Qts :    Total Q of the driver
Vas :    liters Equivalent volume of compliance

Enclosure Calculations

  • You can change Enclosure Volume and the TSP Parameter

  • Move the mouse over the Plot Line and you will see the Frequency and dB values at that position.
  • You can zoom in by selecting a range with the mouse.
Vb = liters Calculated Enclosure Volume ( You may change Vb )
Fb =   Hz Port alignment frequency
F-3 =   Hz 3dB Down Point

Port Calculations

The bass reflex port should have at least 1/3 of the driver's diameter!
Diameter of port(s) Dp = cm  ( You may change the port diameter )

Port area =   cm2     in2
Port length(s) =   cm       inches 

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