Calculate Sound Pressure Level at specified distance to loudspeaker

Sensitivity in dB per 1 watt and 1 meter   dB/W/m  
Amplifier power of each loudspeaker   Watts  
Number of loudspeakers  pieces
Distance to loudspeakers   meters    feet

Generated sound pressure level 

Table of Sound Levels

Sound sources (noise)
Examples with distance

   Sound pressure   
 Jet aircraft, 50 m away 140
 Threshold of pain 130
 Threshold of discomfort 120
 Chainsaw, 1 m distance 110
 Disco, 1 m from speaker 100
 Diesel truck, 10 m away 90
 Kerbside of busy road, 5 m 80
 Vacuum cleaner, distance 1 m  70
 Conversational speech, 1 m 60
 Average home 50
 Quiet library 40
 Quiet bedroom at night 30
 Background in TV studio 20
 Rustling leaves in the distance 10
 Hearing threshold  0

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