Calculate Enclosure Resonances

Dimensional Resonances within the enclosure

In addition to enclosure resonant frequency (fb), there are also dimensional resonance's to consider.
These resonances occur when the dimension is equal to half a wavelength of the sound, and this could cause coloration of the reproduced sound at the corresponding frequencies. Should this happen, there would be a very pronounced peak at the corresponding frequency.

This can be avoided by ensuring none of the internal cone-to-baffle dimensions are the same.
Height, width and depth of the enclosure should all be different and the drive unit positioned off centre in the vertical plane. This means that if cancellation does occur at certain frequencies, they will all be at different frequencies and the overall result will not be noticeable.

Recommended ratios:

  • 1.618 Phi Golden ratio
  • 1.260 Cube Root 2
  • 1.200
  • 1.600

Calculate Resonances within the enclosure

Worst-Case Scenario
If you build a subwoofer with:
  • Height = 50cm
  • Width = 50cm
  • Depth = 50cm
you created the worst-case enclosure!
Each dimension generates the same resonance!
Depth of Box cm 
Width of Box cm 
Height of Box cm 

Calculation Results

Box Volume  Liters
Box Ratio:
Depth Width Height
Mode Frequency Mode Frequency Mode Frequency
1  Hz 1  Hz 1  Hz
2  Hz 2  Hz 2  Hz
3  Hz 3  Hz 3  Hz
4  Hz 4  Hz 4  Hz
5  Hz 5  Hz 5  Hz
6  Hz 6  Hz 6  Hz
7  Hz 7  Hz 7  Hz
8  Hz 8  Hz 8  Hz
9  Hz 9  Hz 9  Hz

Be aware of the same or very close resonances at depth, width or height of you enclosure.

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