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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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This version is still under construction!

Please don't complain, it's still under construction...
The Frequency Plot is now correct, but we are still working on it to optimize this page! Suggestions are welcome! :-)

Fill in all fields (Vb, fs, Vas and Qts).
The Frequency Plot is done in real time.
Change any of the fields and you will immediately see changing the Frequency Plot.
Move the mouse over the Plot Line and you will see the Frequency and dB values at that position.
You can zoom in by selecting a range with the mouse.

Enclosure Volume
vb Volume [Liters] ( Without absorbent material ! )
Driver Parameters (TSP)
fs Resonant frequency of the driver [Hz]
vas Volume of air with same compliance [Liters]
Qts Total Q of the driver