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Sunday, 20 January 2019
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"The sole objective of the audio industry as a whole is to sell products..."

Projects which are planned or in progress   Free distortion and performance analysis software that i'm using for my measurements

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 Passive Components

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Marantz CD-63 MK II KI Signature   Rega P2 RB300 Tonearm Denon DL 160 Metz DE81 Cartridge Specs. Tonearm/Cartridge Capability StepUp Transformers in-akustik Reference LS-602 Loudspeaker Cable   Bowers & Wilkins CDM 1   Syntar 200 T Jordan Horn Speaker Interconnect M550i 4PR Loudspeaker Cable

 Turntable & CD

Rega P2
For more than 26 years I used a Thorens TD 160 MK II, now I bought a new turntable...

For people concerned with budget the P2 could be the turntable for you. Please do not be influenced by its very affordable price, this is a high performance turntable carrying many of the design directions used in its illustrious big brothers.

As for some interesting information, the plinth design is of a low mass particulate core sandwiched by highly rigid phenolic laminates. The P2 uses a derivative of the new ultra low vibration state of the art adhesive mounted motor assembly borrowed from the P3. The Platter is CNC machined HDF which is then metalized, giving a platter with good mass and accuracy.

Finally, the P2 carries the legendary Rega RB250 tonearm in its latest guise (The choice of many other turntable manufacturers).

Rega P2

Link to: Rega

Rega RB300
Update on Rega P2

I changed the original RB250 arm for the much better RB300 arm

RB 300

Tonearm Specifications ( Login required! )

Cartrige Alignment Tool

Phono Cartridge Specifications 

Tonearm and Cartrigde Installation

Calculate Tonearm/Cartridge Capability

Rega Website

Moving Coil DL 160

Frequency response: 20 Hz - 50 kHz
Output Voltage: 1.6 mV (1 kHz,50mm/sec)
Output Impedance: 160 ohms
Compliance: 10x10-6cm/dyne (100Hz)
Weight: 4,8 gram

High-Output MC cartridge suitable for MM-Input

DL 160

Link to: Tonearm and Cartrigde Installation

Link to:Calculate Tonearm/Cartridge Capability

By scanning an LP, the needle tip optimizes both in contact with the groove walls should continue to deepen as much information as possible.
These two tasks are best named by the English terms 'Tracking' and 'Tracing'.

(Photo: Chris Supranowitz, Institute of Optics - University of Rochester)

tracking and tracing are not always hand in hand. This means that elements with a conical needle tip which will track better than some elements with a finer tip profile. The latter was nevertheless a better tracing in particular high-frequency have concerns. Tracking indicates amplitude range in which the element is properly kept in balance (eg 70 microns). Hence, many test-LP's 'special torture tracks' which have a progressively increasing sending cut. The best trackers in the elements remain undistorted scan in the groove as 'n 80 (or sometimes even 90) microns.

By tracing the actual scanning of the modulations in the groove walls intended. A finer needle tip with a profile, the smallest (high frequency) modulations thus better able to follow more micro-information is deepened, or getraced. Besides a very fine tip profile is a low-mass tip for high frequencies necessary to scan accurately. The tipmassa-effective is the combined mass of the dynamic part of an element specified in the case of an MC element is that the needle tip, the cantilever with the attached coils and part-suspension.

For an optimal tracking is a good arm combo element of interest. That combo will in fact have a certain resonance frequency determined by the complantie of the element, the mass of the element and the effective mass of the arm (the effective mass of a tonearm is statically measured without counterweight or element).

Calculate Tonearm/Cartridge Capability

Marantz CD-63 MK II Ken Ishiwata Signature

The Marantz CD63 is available in three different versions:
  • MK II
  • SE (Special Edition)
  • KIS (Ken Ishiwata Signature)

  • Prices vary from 500$ for the MK II till 1000$ for the KIS.

    The two expen$ive versions (SE and KIS) differ from the standard MK II because they use a stiffer and heavier cabinet, better passive components and a nice toroidal power transformer (KIS only).

    The CD 63 mkII is renowed for being one of the better sounding CD players available in the market for its price and it has quickly become an "instant classic".

    My CD63 MK II has a bass range similar to my Rega turntable: especially in the lower bass range the CD63 MK II sounds with plenty of power and the bassiest notes now tend to expand into the listening room.

    How much does it cost?
    200 euro on ebay :-)

    DVD/CD Player DE81
    Metz DE81

    This player is identical with the Pioneer DV 717

    Metz DE-81

    • Frequency range : 4 Hz -44 KHz (DVD 96KHz)
    • Dynamic range :103 dB
    • Distortion : 0,0002 %
    • Size : 420x128x371 mm (WxHxD)
    • Weight : 6,6 Kg
    Tweak on this player: LClock