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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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"Lobing" between two spherical wavefronts (something like loudspeaker) occurs when they are greater than 1/4 wavelength apart.

  • Below this, they "sum" acoustically, as if they were a single source with double the output.

  • Above this, destructive interference gets gradually worse as you rise in frequency,
       or lower (size of) wavelength. There is some summation and some destruction.

  • Most listeners say they don't notice any loss of uppermost octave info when listening to the 1/2 wavelength method.

      Calculate Frequency for given Distance

    Distance between Chassis ( center - center ):  cm
    1/2 wave method = Hz
    1/4 wave method = Hz

      Calculate Distance for given Frequency

    Crossover Frequency: Hz
    1/2 wave method = cm ( center - center )
    1/4 wave method = cm ( center - center )

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