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Sunday, January 20, 2019
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Subwoofers: Optimum Number and Locations: By Todd Welti, Research Acoustician, Harman International Industries, Inc.

Audio Art and Science: This paper reviews scientific work performed by Dr. Floyd Toole and his colleagues that aimed to determine the extent to which listeners agreed on their preferences in sound quality and, beyond that, to identify relationships between listener preferences and measurable performance parameters of loudspeakers.
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Loudspeakers and Rooms - Working Together: In this paper we will attempt to make the best of this imperfect system by identifying the major variables in the loudspeaker/room system, and discussing methods for their measurement and control.
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The Acoustical Design of Home Theaters: A companion paper to Loudspeakers and Rooms - Working Together, this paper focuses on the design of home theater loudspeaker systems and listening rooms.
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Understanding Room Acoustics and Speaker Placement: The room is the final audio component and, as such, it can make or break a listening experience. This paper discusses some simple techniques for enhancing your listening room for maximum performance.
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Loudspeakers and Rooms for Multichannel Audio Reproduction by Floyd E. Toole, Vice President Acoustical Engineering, Harman International: Here we look at the basic theory of multichannel audio systems, leading us to understand why certain loudspeaker designs and room arrangements work better than others.

Infinity's Bass Optimization System: A simpler version of the Room Adaptive Bass Optimization System, this white paper discusses the difficulty in obtaining excellent bass performance in many rooms and explains how this system allows the listener to obtain better bass performance in any listening environment.
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